There are Some Things I Wish She Hadn’t Had to Learn
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For a recent grade 2 project, my daughter was to create a poster. In my era, this poster would have been along the lines of “Don’t be a Litter Bug!” or “Help Smokey the Bear and be sure to put out your campfire!” You know, that kind of thing.

The title of her poster reads: “Oil Spill: Sea Animal Nightmare”

And the captions read:

  • The oil blocks the whale’s blowhole
  • Air bubbles in sea otter’s fur damaged by oil
  • Fish gills clogged with oil
  • Oil makes bird cold and sick
  • Oil makes plankton toxic
  • Crab eats things bathed in oil
  • Shellfish suck in toxic water


Photo Credit

“Oil Spill: Sea Animal Nightmare: provided courtesy of Julie Harrison

Article reprinted with permission from Coffee with Julie…, June 2010

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