Timelapse of Flowers Opening

One day I went for a walk with my father’s compact camera simply for entertainment, and straight away realized that my dream would be to become a professional photographer. Nowadays, I specialize in nature photography, especially landscapes, macro and night photography.

Photo 2

Teamwork © David de Los Santos

Although I dedicate most of my time to photography, I recently started creating a timelapse series and am appreciative of the overwhelming reception my latest work, A Timelapse of Flowers, is receiving.

Photo 1

The Observer of the Summer Sky © David de Los Santos

The following timelapse took 9 months and 50,000 shots to complete (using only 5,000 shots for the final video). A great amount of research led me to discover that nigella damask, hibiscus, carnations, orchids, dandelions, lillium, daisies, alstroemeria and peonies are among the fastest bloomers.

All Images © David de Los Santos

David de Los Santos Photographer Bio

David de Los SantosI am David de los Santos, a Spanish software engineer studying at the Computense University of Madrid, although I also have a little house in Guadalajara, in a small village, where I can enjoy the wildlife and the spectacular landscapes of the region.

Website:  DaviddeLosSan.com

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