Train Station at Dusk

This was taken as I was rushing to my ride. I wasn’t sure what would turn out but I was really pleased with the outcome.

Train Station at Dusk

Train Station at Dusk

On a very cold and windy late afternoon out for a walk with a friend of mine up north I took this shot of the sun going down. The sky looked like it was on fire.

Sunset Retreat

Sunset Retreat © Martha Farley

Christmas day with our grandson and I was just getting used to my new camera. The images of my grandson delight me. Captured forever on camera his ever wondrous eyes and his beautiful smile.

My Superman © Martha Farley

My Superman

Photo Credits

All Photographs Are © Martha Farley

Martha Farley Photographer Bio

DSC_3573I am a Daycare Technician with the Lester B Pearson School board and I am also a freelance writer. Recently I have purchased a new camera and have been just having fun with photo’s. My intent was to photograph my grandson which I have but I have also really enjoyed being outdoors and using the camera to take pictures of everyday things like ice and snow and trees and beautiful blue skies!

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