Truly The End?

We are now approximately 5 months away from the most-watched date in history ─ December 21, 2012. And I feel the need to put my 2 cents in, along with the rest of the human population who are divided into two ranks ─ the debunkers and the believers. On a scale of 1 to 10, I definitely weigh in more to the believer side. This has led me to practice being prepared for the worst, the best that I can, for an uncertain future.

There are many of us wide-eyed wonderers out there, gobbling up information and searching books and websites for an answer as to whether the end of the world is really coming or not. I confess to eating up everything I can about planetary mysteries such as Planet X ─ reputed to be gravitationally pulling our own planet Earth into destruction ─ plus earth-bound anomalies like the escalating strange and violent weather patterns, multiple superquake/earthquake occurrences, tsunamis and even the strange and bizarre behaviour occurring in people who might have been at one time, well-adjusted, socialized and functioning human beings (the recent zombie face-eaters in the news comes to mind).

If the story doesn’t challenge common beliefs or provide some sort of quirky fiction meant to explain life and how it’s all going to turn out, then I’m not interested. Being a thrill junkie has resulted in invisible boundaries being subconsciously set up around my psyche, limiting my reading and viewing pleasures to anything that tells me ghosts really do exist or that planetary aliens will come to earth to either embrace us or eliminate us for their failed experiment. And my favorite ─ there are definitely more dimensions to this world than just our little existence. Call me crazy – don’t care. I used to feel guilty for not being more grounded, but now I believe this way of being has led me to be exceptionally open minded and ghoulishly prepared for whatever comes.

So is there a higher power watching us, judging our progress in science, deciding whether we are making the grade? Is this higher power on its way to us, horrified by our demonstrated inability to treat Earth and each other with grace, respect and intelligence? Are we attracting a more sinister outcome? Or is it all a natural 3600 year old cataclysm simply meant to happen as it should and regenerate our solar system, taking us down in the aftermath?

It is all fascinating stuff. It’s not that I’m looking forward to some kind of man-made or natural disaster dramatically changing Planet Earth and life as we know it, but I do stand by the belief that whatever may happen in the coming months, is something we cannot control and by NOT preparing the best we can, we are ensuring a lack of manpower to pick up whatever pieces that may be left.

I have three massive survival kits stored where we can get easy access. This takes an hour out of my life once a year to update the contents and it gives me peace of mind that I at least have done something. We are told no one living near the coast of any land mass will survive. I have a remote, well-hidden smidgen of land in the prairies (lucky ─ I know) that we quite often joke about moving back to and setting up camp on before the end of this year 2012. Or are we joking? I do know that this year, beavers on that land have done something they have never done in history ─ they have dammed and flooded 100 acres, creating their own giant reservoir. Do they know something we also know, but refuse to acknowledge? Or have we moved so far away from intuition and nature that we really don’t have any inkling of coming events?

It is like searching for the truth as to whether there is really life after death. We won’t know for sure until we get there ─ then it’s too late to go back and tell everyone else. Watch the video “Surviving 2012 and Planet X”, spend an hour making a survival kit for yourself and your family, get informed, grab some open-minded thinking and wait to see what happens. If the time comes, the regeneration (or whatever) starts and mankind and nature become the waste left behind, you will know you did your best and accept your fate gracefully. And if nothing happens, you can look me up and say “HA! See? Nothing happened, you idiot!”

Good luck finding me. We might be lounging around our 100 acre swimming pool, eating canned food and granola bars, listening to our wind-up radio……happy to be wrong. For now.


Surviving 2012 and Planet X

 Photo Credits

Thunderstorm and Super Cell – Wikimedia Public Domain

Colliding Planets by NuclearVaccuum – wikimedia Creative Commons

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