What If…? Discover the Power to Shift Perspective
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Karen Luniw helps you tap into the power to make a positive shift, by simply asking, “What If?…”

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What if…?
…my world could really be what I want it to be?
…I could wake up every day raring to go like when I was 12?
…I could see the awesomeness of the world around me with new eyes every day?
…the weather was perfect today no matter what it was doing?
…happiness could find me and shake me out of my fog?
…confidence could find me and shake me out of my doubt?
…I could believe with all my might RIGHT NOW in all possibilities for myself?
…each day I could make a profound positive affect on at least one person?
…I didn’t need coffee to feel awake?
…I could acknowledge all the great things I did today?
…I could face the Trinity of Trouble (fear, doubt and worry) and laugh in their face and act anyways?
…love permeated every ounce of my body?
…that love was unconditional and from a human and not only my dog?
…grapes always tasted exquisitely sweet and juicy?
…my thoughts were positive more often than not?
…it felt like there was enough time in the day?
…I felt successful in absolutely every big and little thing I did?
…money did flow to me effortlessly?
…I actually didn’t have any money issues?
…body issues?
…relationship issues?
…work issues?
…butterfly issues?
…time stood still like it did that time at the beach?
…I could reach out and touch the mountaintops?
…I could heal a child’s pain?
…that fight between me and _______ was resolved?
…___________would forgive me?
…I could forgive myself?
…anything and everything that I could imagine that was good, was possible?

Here’s the thing, it is possible. Every last one of those items is possible with a shift in perspective…yours. Shifting long-held beliefs and ideas about what is showing up in front of you right now is the hardest work any of us will ever do and that’s why it hardly ever gets done.

Here are some ideas on how to change that starting today:

1. Pick your Top 5 “What if’s” from the list and make a decision that you’re ready to shift your ideas about what’s possible for each area.
2. Stop and breathe. This helps you to get into the present moment and in the present moment all options are open to you.
3. Move out of your head and into your body and take a sensory trip through each of your Top 5 items as if it were already accomplished. For instance, if you no longer had any money issues, ask yourself these sensory-based questions:

• What would you be seeing?
• Who would be with you?
• What would they be saying?
• What would you be saying to them?
• What other sounds would you hear?
• Are there any smells you can smell?
• How does your body feel?
• What is the temperature around your body?
• What tastes are you experiencing?

Important Hint: The more you can put yourself in this feeling state – the faster you can experience these as actual events.

I know it’s likely you already know this because it truly is nothing new. Top motivational speakers and authors have been promoting this for years.

The big question is….if you know this, why aren’t you practicing it?


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